Library GeoCoq.Utils.all_equiv

Require Export List.

Definition all_equiv (l: list Prop) :=
   x y, In x l In y l (x y).

Definition all_equiv'_aux (l: list Prop) : Prop.
induction l; [exact True|].
induction l; [exact True|].
exact ((a a0) IHl).

Lemma all_equiv'_auxP : l n1 n2 d1 d2,
  l nil all_equiv'_aux l
  n1 < length l n2 < length l n1 n2
  nth n1 l d1 nth n2 l d2.
intro l; elim l; [intros ? ? ? ? H; exfalso; apply H; auto|
                  clear l; intros a l _; revert a].
elim l; [intro a|clear l; intros b l IHl a]; intros n1 n2 d1 d2 _ H Hn1 Hn2 Hn.

  simpl in Hn1, Hn2.
  apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_1_r in Hn1; rewrite Hn1.
  apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_1_r in Hn2; rewrite Hn2; simpl; auto.

  destruct H as [HI H]. revert dependent n2. revert dependent n1; intro n1.
  elim n1; [|clear n1; intros n1 IHn1]; intro Hn1.

    intro n2; elim n2; [simpl; auto|clear n2; intros n2 IHn2 Hn2 _ Ha].
    simpl in Ha; apply HI in Ha; apply IHl with 0 d1; auto; simpl in *;
    [discriminate|apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_0_succ|
     apply Lt.lt_S_n; auto|apply le_0_n].

    intro n2; elim n2;
    [intros _ HF; apply PeanoNat.Nat.nle_succ_0 in HF; intuition|
     clear n2; intros n2 IHn2 Hn2 HLe H'].
    assert (Hnth : n (l : list Prop) a d,
                     nth (S n) (a :: l) d = nth n l d)
      by (intro n; induction n; simpl; auto).
    rewrite Hnth; rewrite Hnth in H'; clear Hnth; apply IHl with n1 d1; auto;
    [discriminate|simpl in Hn1|simpl in Hn2|apply Le.le_S_n]; auto;
    apply Lt.lt_S_n; auto.

Definition all_equiv' (l: list Prop) : Prop.
induction l; [exact True|].
exact ((last l a a) all_equiv'_aux (a::l)).

Lemma all_equiv_equiv : l, all_equiv l all_equiv' l.
intro l; split.

  elim l; [simpl; auto|clear l; intros a l _; revert a].
  elim l; [simpl; intros; split; auto|clear l; intros b l _ a H; split].

    apply H; [apply in_eq|clear H; apply in_cons; revert b; revert a].
    elim l; [simpl; auto|clear l; intros b l IHl d a].
    assert (H : last (a :: b :: l) = last (b :: l))
      by (induction l; simpl; auto); rewrite H; apply in_cons; auto.

    revert H; revert b; revert a; elim l; [|clear l; intros c l IHl a b H];
    [simpl; intros a b H; split; auto; apply H; [apply in_cons|]; apply in_eq|].
    split; [apply H; [apply in_cons|]; apply in_eq|].
    apply IHl; intros x y Hx Hy; apply H; apply in_cons; auto.

  elim l; [unfold all_equiv; simpl; tauto|clear l; intros a l _; revert a].
  elim l;[ unfold all_equiv; simpl; intros a _ x y Hx Hy;
           elim Hx; [clear Hx; intro Hx|tauto];
           elim Hy; [clear Hy; intro Hy|tauto];
           rewrite <- Hx; rewrite Hy; tauto|clear l; intros b l _ a H].
  intros x y Hx Hy; destruct H as [Hend Hbeg].
  destruct (In_nth _ _ a Hx) as [n1 Hn1]; clear Hx; destruct Hn1 as [Hn1 Hx].
  destruct (In_nth _ _ a Hy) as [n2 Hn2]; clear Hy; destruct Hn2 as [Hn2 Hy].
  assert (Hlast : nth (S (length l)) (a :: b :: l) a = last (b :: l) a).
    transitivity (nth (length l) (b :: l) a); [simpl; auto|].
    revert dependent b. intros b _ _ _ _ _ _; clear n1 n2 x y.
    revert b; revert a; elim l; [simpl; auto|clear l; intros b l IHl d a].
    transitivity (nth (S (length l)) (a :: b :: l) d); [simpl; auto|].
    transitivity (nth (length l) (b :: l) d); [simpl; auto|].
    rewrite IHl; simpl; auto.
  assert (HaE : a = nth 0 (a :: b :: l) a) by (simpl; auto).
  rewrite <- Hlast in Hend; clear Hlast; rewrite <- Hx; rewrite <- Hy.
  elim (PeanoNat.Nat.lt_ge_cases n1 n2); intro HLe; split;
  try solve[apply all_equiv'_auxP; auto;
            try apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_le_incl; auto; discriminate];
  intro H; cut a; try (intro Ha; rewrite HaE in Ha; revert Ha);
  try(apply Hend; revert H); apply all_equiv'_auxP; auto; try discriminate;
  try apply PeanoNat.Nat.le_0_l; simpl in *; try apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_0_succ;
  apply PeanoNat.Nat.lt_succ_r; auto.

Definition stronger (l1 l2 : list Prop) :=
   x y, In x l1 In y l2 (x y).

Definition all_equiv_under (l1 l2 : list Prop) :=
   x y z, In x l1 In y l2 In z l2 (x (y z)).